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Vultures wait for eagles to find food, then swoop in, study shows

Vultures track scavenging birds of prey to lead them to food, then swoop in large groups to steal it, a study of birds in Kenya shows.

The new research into vultures, which eat only dead animals, shows that they take their cue from tawny and steppe eagles.

Social networking is key to helping bugs spread, study shows

Fresh discoveries about how bacteria co-operate with each other when causing infection could help scientists identify animal diseases that might transmit to people.

Bugs that can co-operate best with each other are most likely to be able to jump to new species, including humans, a new study shows.

£7.7 Million awarded for African Sleeping Sickness research

In recent months, three major grants have been awarded to support the combat against the parasite responsible for African sleeping sickness


Pedro Vale's recent awards

CIIE Felow, Pedro Vale, has recently received two prestigious awards.

New Personal Chair in Evolutionary Parasitology from CIIE

Member of CIIE's Internal Steering Group Sarah Reece has been promoted to a Personal Chair in Evolutionary Parasitology in recognition of her achievements.

CIIE-supported phylogenetics workshop in Kenya

On 16-17 June 2014, CIIE supported phylogenetic analysis workshop took place at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Nairobi, Kenya, in conjunction with the Urban Zoonoses project.

CIIE members join the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Three CIIE PIs attended a Fellowship enrolment event at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on May 19th 2014.

Professors Judi Allen, Mark Blaxter and Keith Matthews all attended the event held at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

CIIE's and Berlin Research Consortium for Parasite Infection's symposium

On 14th May 2014 CIIE hosted a one-day symposium on the interdisciplinary study of pParasite Infections. It was organised in collaboration with the Berlin Research Consortium for Parasite Infection.

The symposium addressed the topic of parasite infections - from experimental models to natural systems and concentrated on various new options for controlling parasitic diseases.

Francisca Mutapi to give RSE School Talks

Francisca Mutapi will be giving talks as part of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s series of School Talks.

Dr Mutapi’s talks will be on the subject of parasitic worms, their impact on children’s health in Africa and the work dr Mutapi's group is doing in collaboration with the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe to combat the infections in children. The talks will be given as part of health and education range of topics being offered by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

New class of drug could curb antibiotic resistance, study suggests

A new type of drug could help to combat growing antibiotic resistance, a study finds. 

Medicines that stop bacteria from harming their hosts, rather than kill them, could prevent bugs from evolving resistance to drug treatments, a review of research in the field suggests.