CIIE funds in action in Busia

CIIE funds are being used to upgrade the Busia laboratory facility on the Kenya-Uganda border.

In early 2015 the lab will be engaged in a new project to set up an integrated surveillance system that covers both the human and livestock populations in the region.

Busia is based in the Western Province of Kenya, bordered by Lake Victoria in the south and with Uganda in the west. The region supports a high human population density, and a mixed crop-livestock farming system. The human and animal populations of the region carry a heavy burden of endemic and epidemic diseases. The study site encompasses a range of ecological settings, moving from the Lake Victoria system in the south to a semi-montane system on the lower slopes of Mt Elgon in the north.

Busia was developed by Prof Mark Woolhouse as part of the Wellcome Trust funded IDEAL (Infectious Diseases of East African livestock) project and currently houses People, Animals and their Zoonoses (PAZ) Project. The principal aim of work ongoing at Busia is to understand the mechanisms that drive the transmission of zoonotic diseases between livestock reservoirs and humans, and to contribute to the design of interventions to improve human and animal health.

CIIE has been supporting the site through its core grant funding.

Zoonotic and Emerging Diseases


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