CIIE represented at the second Wellcome Trust Joint Infectious Disease Research Initiative Scotland meeting

On 20th September 2013, the second meeting between the Wellcome Trust funded Centres of Infection Research was held in Glasgow.

These meetings, instigated by CIIE last year, aim to bring together the major Trust-funded Centres in Scotland in an interactive forum in order to encourage dialogue and collaborations.

Talks from Phil Spence, who recently joined CIIE, and CIIE Fellows Roman Popat and Pedro Vale represented Edinburgh. Posters were also presented by several CIIE members including Maria Rosa Domingo Sananes (a further CIIE fellow), Rebecca Callaby, Caroline Dewar, Eva Rico and Livvy Swann. Caroline Dewar was awarded a poster prize at the event.

The meeting was hosted by Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology and gathered attendees from Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.


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