CIIE Visitor: Dr Bill Nelson

As part of our Visiting Scientists Scheme CIIE will be hosting a visit from Dr Bill Nelson from Queens University, Canada.

On 24th June 2015 at 2 p.m. in Lecture Theatre 3, Ashworth Labs our visitor will give a seminar entitled "How life-cycles can drive population dynamics"

Pest outbreaks, population cycles and infection dynamics are examples of population dynamics. Many organisms in these systems have strong stage-structure where individuals undergo substantial change in their ecology over their life cycles, and where the stage-structure is a driver of population dynamics. This can be seen in everything from cell-cycle development in malaria to the juvenile-adult structure in mosquito vectors. Understanding how the life-cycle of these organisms scales up to generate dynamics has been a challenge owing to the difficulty of manipulating individual life-history in dynamic systems.
In this seminar I will present two case studies in non-disease systems (consumerresource cycles in freshwater zooplankton and outbreak cycles in tortrix moths) illustrating how life-cycles can be the dominant driver of life-cycles. Both case studies lean heavily on a combination of mathematical modelling and experiments. I will discuss some general 'lessons learned' from using this approach and highlight where it can be applied in the context of disease systems.





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