CIIE Winter Symposium: A Global Perspective on Emerging Infectious Diseases

We are pleased to announce that the CIIE Winter Symposium A Global Perspective on Emerging Infectious Diseases  will be held on Wednesday, 21st January 2015 in Lecture Theatre 3, Ashworth Laboratories, University of Edinburgh.

This will be an all-day event.

The recent outbreaks of Ebola virus in Africa and of MERS coronavirus in the Middle East, the alarming new propensity of enterovirus D68 to cause paralysis and numerous fatalities and the impending crisis of antibiotic resistance have pushed global infectious diseases into public awareness as never before. These examples are part of a wave of newly emerging infectious agents that pose a continual threat to human health. They demand coordinated responses from scientists, clinicians and health agencies to prevent transmission, develop effective screening and preventative programmes, vaccination and fundamental research into the cause of emergence and the means to predict and contain their early spread.

This one day symposium will host a number of international experts in emerging infectious diseases who will cover topics of epidemic and evolutionary modelling of emerging agents, genome analysis, and clinical and public health perspectives on how their spread can be predicted, contained and prevented. The symposium will be invaluable to both scientists and clinicians working in the infectious disease area and in wider areas of biology and clinical medicine.


  9:00 Registration and coffee

Chair: Peter Simmonds
  9:30 Marion Koopmans (Erasmus Medical Centre, Utrecht, the Netherlands) - The origin and epidemiology of MERS coronavirus
10:00 Matthew Holden (University of St Andrews) - Bad bugs and drugs: how has the widespread usage of antibiotics shaped the pathogens we face?
10:30 Ben Brennan (Centre for Virus Research, University of Glasgow) - Newly discovered bunyaviruses causing severe haemorrhagic disease
11:00 Coffee break

Chair: Ross Fitzgerald
11:30 Steve Baker (OUCRU, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) - The emergence of antimicrobial resistance in Klebsiella
12:00 Frank Katzer (Moredun Research Institute) - Catchment studies to identify sources of protozoal contamination:How safe is your drinking water?
12:30 Lunch

Chair: Paul Digard
13:30 Ross Fitzgerald (Roslin Institute) - Evolutionary history of Staphylococcus aureus in humans and animals
14:00 Xavier de Lamballerie (Unité des Virus Emergents, Université Marseilles) - Chikungunya in the Americas
14:30 Maia Rabaa (CIIE and OUCRU, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) - VIZIONS: tracking the emergence of viral zoonoses in a high risk setting
15:00 Coffee break

Chair: Mark Woolhouse
15:30 Paul Digard (Roslin Institute) - Deciphering the genetics of influenza A virus host range
16:00 Neil Ferguson (Department of Infectious Disease Modelling, Imperial College, London) - Transmission dynamics of Ebola in West Africa and implications for control TBC
16:30 Andrew Rambaut (CIIE) - The evolution and phylodynamics of Ebola virus
17:00 Discussion, drinks and nibbles

Registration (free) Registration is now closed, no more spaces available.


5 CPD points are available from the College of Pathologists for attending this meeting


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