Two CIIE papers in Trends in Parasitology's Top 10 in 2013

Two papers authored by CIIE members were voted among the 10 most noteworthy in 2013 by the Editorial Board of Trends in Parasitology.

All Top 10 articles are available on the journal website till the end of March.

The Cinderella syndrome: why do malaria-infected cells burst at midnight? by Nicole Mideo, Sarah E. Reece, Adrian L. Smith and C. Jessica E. Metcalf discussess the existing data and key evidence needed to solve the evolutionary mystery of why malaria parasites within a host progress through their cell cycle synchronously. The conventional explanation for coordinated development in other parasite species does not seem to apply here. The authors argue that for malaria parasites, a critical question has yet to be answered: is the coordination due to parasites bursting at the same time or at a particular time?

Infection and treatment immunizations for successful parasite vaccines by Francisca Mutapi, Peter F. Billingsley and W. Evan Secor proposes a conceptual framework to aid parasite vaccine development using malaria and schistosomiasis as examples. The article argues that the vaccine development needs additional knowledge about host protective immune responses, antigen characteristics, and the delivery required to induce those responses.

All of the Top 10 articles will be freely available for the month of March and are featured on the journal website.


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