£2.4M support from the Wellcome Trust for Edinburgh Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution

It has been announced that University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution has been granted a major new strategic award by one of the world’s largest biomedical charities, The Wellcome Trust.

Established in 2008, the Centre for Immunity Infection and Evolution has developed a pioneering approach to tackle the major infectious diseases that threaten mankind. Specifically, the Centre has encouraged scientists with expertise in different disciplines to work together, aiming to understand how pathogens interact with their hosts and other pathogens, both in the laboratory and in the field, and so predict how they might evolve to pose new threats.

 “The control of infectious diseases is one of the greatest challenges of the new century.” says Prof Keith Matthews, the new Director of the Centre, who also led the bid to the Wellcome Trust.

“We will not only face obstacles in eradicating some of the most prevalent infectious diseases from developing countries, we will also undoubtedly face new and emerging pathogens of man and domesticated animals. Understanding how such pathogens evolve and the risks they pose requires scientists with very different skills to work together. The Centre provides an ideal environment to allow this to happen”

The Centre supports a strong group of young researchers, generating a vibrant interdisciplinary research environment that has also built strong links with scientists in disease endemic countries. The £2.4M award from the Wellcome Trust will promote links between experts in host immunity and pathogen biology to mathematical modelling and the analysis of disease spread in populations, aiding the ongoing combat against infectious disease in the 21st century.


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