Wild Immunology Symposium report published

A meeting report on the last CIIE symposium in Wild Immunology has been published in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Recently, the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution sponsored a one-day symposium entitled “Wild Immunology.” The central question of the symposium was, “Why should we try to understand infection and immunity in wild systems?” Specifically, how does the immune response operate in the wild and how do multiple coinfections and commensalism affect immune responses and host health in these wild systems? The symposium brought together a broad program of speakers, ranging from laboratoryimmunologists to infectious disease ecologists, working on wild birds, unmanaged animals, wild and laboratory rodents, and on questions ranging from the dynamics of coinfection to how commensal bacteria affect the development of the immune system. The meeting on wild immunology was held at the University of Edinburgh on 30 June 2011.

Babayan, S.A., Allen, J.E., Bradley, J.E., Geuking, M.B., Graham, A.L., Grencis, R.K., Kaufman, J., McCoy, K.D., Paterson, S., Smith, K.G.C., Turnbaugh ,P.J., Viney, M.E., Maizels, R.M., & Pedersen, A.B. - Wild immunology; converging on the ‘real world’. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1236, 17-29.

The report is also available online: Wild immunology: converging on the real world


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