List of Publications 2008

Afrane, Y.A., Little, T.J., Lawson, B.W., Githeko, A.K. and G Yan - Deforestation and Vectorial Capacity of Anopheles gambiae Giles Mosquitoes in Malaria Transmission, Kenya. Emerging Infectious Diseases 14: DOI: 10.3201/ eid1410.070781 file

Altizer, S. and Pedersen, A.B. - Host-pathogen evolution, biodiversity and disease risk for  natural populations.  In: Carroll, S. and Fox, C. (eds) Conservation Biology: Evolution in Action. New York, NY. 2008 Oxford University Press. Pgs 259-277. 2008 file

Amaro R, Schnaufer A, Hol W, Stuart K and McCammon A - Discovery of drug-like inhibitors against an essential RNA editing ligase in Trypanosoma brucei. PNAS, 105(45):17278-83. file

Anderton SM and Fillatreau S. - Activated B cells in autoimmune diseases: the case for a regulatory role, Nat Clin Pract Rheumatol. 2008 Dec;4(12):657-66. file

Arnot DE, Cavanagh DR, Remarque EJ, Creasey AM, Sowa MP, Morgan WD, Holder AA, Longacre S and Thomas AW - Comparative testing of six Plasmodium falciparum merozoite stage antigen-based malaria vaccine candidates. Clinical and Vaccine Immunology, September 2008, p. 1345-1355, Vol. 15, No. 9, doi:10.1128/CVI.00172-08 file

Bartlett NW, Walton RP, Edwards MR, Aniscenko J, Caramori G, Zhu J, Glanville N, Choy KJ, Jourdan P, Burnet J, Tuthill TJ, Pedrick MS, Hurle MJ, Plumpton C, Sharp NA, Bussell JN, Swallow DM, Schwarze J, Guy B, Almond JW, Jeffery PK, Lloyd CM, Papi A, Killington RA, Rowlands DJ, Blair ED, Clarke NJ, and Johnston SL - Mouse models of rhinovirus-induced disease & exacerbation of allergic airway inflammation. Nature Med. 2008; 14:199-204 file

Bessell, P.R., Shaw, D.J., Savill, N.J. and Woolhouse, M.E.J. - Geographic and topographic determinants of local FMD transmission applied to the 2001 UK FMD epidemic. BMC Veterinary Research 4: 40 (7pp).file

Brites, D., McTaggart, S., Krystalynne Morris, K., Anderson, J., Thomas, K. Colson, I. Fabbro, T., Little, T.J., Ebert,, D. and L. Du Pasquier - The Dscam homologue of the crustacean Daphnia is diversified by alternative splicing like in insects. Molecular Biology and Evolution 25: 1429-1439 file

Cavanagh DR, Remarque EJ, Sauerwein RW, Hermsen CC and Luty AJ - Influenza virosomes: a flu jab for malaria? Trends Parasitol. 24:382-5. file
Chase-Topping, M., Gally, D., Low, C., Matthews, L. and Woolhouse, M. - Super-shedding and the link between human infection and livestock carriage of Escherichia coli O157. Nature Reviews Microbiology 6: 904-912. file

Davies, T.J. and Pedersen, A.B.- Phylogeny and geography predict pathogen community  similarity in wild primates and humans. Proc Biol Sci. 2008 July 22; 275(1643): 1695–1701. file

Dobano, C., S. J. Rogerson, Mackinnon, M. J. , Cavanagh, D. R., Taylor, T. E., Molyneux, M. E. and McBride, J. S. - Differential antibody responses to Plasmodium falciparum merozoite proteins in Malawian children with severe malaria. J. Infect. Dis. 197:766-774. file

Doelken, L, and Haas, J. - Small noncoding RNA: novel targets for antiviral therapy. Future Virology 3:585-8.2008 file

Egger, J.R., Ooi, E.E., Kelly, D.W., Woolhouse, M.E., Davies, C.R. and Coleman, P.G. - Reconstructing historical changes in the force of infection of dengue fever in Singapore: implications for surveillance and control. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 86: 187-196. file
Fèvre, E.M., Odiit, M., Coleman, P.G., Woolhouse, M.E.J. and Welburn, S.C. - Estimating the burden of rhodesiense sleeping sickness during an outbreak in Serere, eastern Uganda. BMC Public Health 8: 96 (30pp) file

Fèvre, E.M., Wissmann, B.V., Welburn, S.C. and Lutumba, P. - The burden of Human African Trypanosomiasis. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 2(12), e333. file

Fragkoudis R, Chi Y, Siu RW, Barry G, Attarzadeh-Yazdi G, Merits A, Nash AA, Fazakerley JK and Kohl A. - Semliki Forest virus strongly reduces mosquito host defence signaling, Insect Mol Biol. 2008 Dec;17(6):647-56. file

Koerner-Rettberg C, Doths S, Stroet A, and Schwarze J. - Reduced lung function in a chronic asthma model is associated with prolonged inflammation, but independent of peribronchial fibrosis. PLoS ONE. 2008;3:e1575. file

Little TJ, Colegrave N, Sadd BM and Schmid-Hempel P. - Studying immunity at the whole organism level. Bioessays 30:404-5. file

Little TJ, Perutz, M., Crossan, C, Palmer, M., and Braithwaite, V. A. - Male Sticklebacks Make Antibiotic Nests: A Novel Form Of Parental Protection? Journal of Fish Biology 73:2380-2389 file

Mahajan, A., Currie, C. G., Mackie, S., Tree, J., McAteer, S., McKendrick, I., McNeilly, T. N., Roe, A., La Ragione, R. M., Woodward, M. J., Gally D. L. and Smith, D. G. E. - An investigation of the expression and adhesin function of H7 flagella in the interaction of Escherichia coli O157 : H7 with bovine intestinal epithelium, doi:10.1111/j.1462-5822.2008.01244.x, First published online 31 Ocober 2008 file

Makita, K., Fèvre, E.M., Waiswa, C., Kaboyo, W., Bronsvoort, B.M. de C., Eisler, M.C., and Welburn, S.C. - Human brucellosis in urban and peri-urban areas of Kampala, Uganda. Annals of the New York Academy of Science, 1149, pp. 309-311. file

Midzi N., Sangweme D., Zinyowera S, Mapingure M.P., Brouwer K.C., Kumar N., Mutapi F., Woelk G. and Mduluza T. - Efficacy and side effects of praziquantel treatment against Schistosoma haematobium infection among primary school children in Zimbabwe.Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 102(8):759-66. file

Midzi N., Sangweme D., Zinyowera S., Mapingure M.P., Brouwer K.C., Munatsi A., Mutapi F., Mudzori J., Kumar N., Woelk G. and Mduluza T. - The burden of polyparasitism among primary schoolchildren in rural and farming areas in Zimbabwe. Transactions of the Royal Society and Tropical Medicine 102(10):1039-45. file
Mitchell, K.M., Mutapi, F. and Woolhouse, M.E.J. - The predicted impact of immunosuppression upon population age-intensity profiles for schistosomiasis. Parasite Immunology 30: 462-470. file

Mutapi, F., Burchmore R., Mduluza, T., Midzi, N., Turner, C.M.R. and Maizels, R.M. - Age-related and infection intensity-related shifts in antibody recognition of defined protein antigens in a schistosome-exposed population. Journal of Infectious Diseases 198:167-75. file

Nelson, L., Anderson, S., Archibald, A., Rhind, S., Condie, A., McIntyre, N., Thompson, J., Whitelaw, B., Little, T.J. and T. Hupp - An animal model to evaluate the function and regulation of the adaptively evolving stress protein SEP53 in oesophageal bile damage responses. Cell Stress and Chaperones 13:375-385 file

Obbard DJ, Callister D, Jiggins FM, Soares D, Yan G and Little TJ - The evolution of TEP1, an exceptionally polymorphic immunity gene in Anopheles gambiae. BMC Evolutionary Biology 8:174 file

Obbard DJ and, Finnegan DJ - RNA interference: Endogenous siRNAs derived from transposable elements. Current Biology 18: R561-R563 file

Osier FH, Fegan G, Polley SD, Murungi L, Verra F, Tetteh KK, Lowe B, Mwangi T, Bull PC, Thomas AW, Cavanagh DR, McBride JS, Lanar DE, Mackinnon MJ, Conway DJ and Marsh K. - Breadth and magnitude of antibody responses to multiple Plasmodium falciparum merozoite antigens are associated with protection from clinical malaria. Infect. Immun. 76:2240-8. file

Parravicini, V., Field, A.C., Tomlinson, P.D., Albert Basson, M. and Zamoyska R. - Itch-/-alphabeta and gammadelta T cells independently contribute to autoimmunity in Itchy mice. Blood 111:4273-7282 file

Rambaut A, Ho SYW, Drummond AJ and Shapiro B - Accommodating the effect of ancient DNA damage on inferences of demographic histories. Mol Biol Evol 26, 245-248. file

Reed, TE, Daunt, F, Hall, ME, Phillips RA, Wanless, S and Cunningham, EJA - Parasite treatment affects maternal investment in sons. Science 321: 1681-1682. file

Reilly, LJ, Magkrioti, C., Cavanagh, D.R., T Mduluza, T. and Mutapi, F - Effect of treating Schistosoma haematobium infection on Plasmodium falciparum-specific antibody responses. BMC Infectious Diseases 2008, 8:158  file

Savill, N.J., St Rose, S.G. and Woolhouse, M.E.J. - False alarms and time-to-detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry flocks. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 5: 1409-1419. file
Sharp PM, Hahn BH. - AIDS: prehistory of HIV-1. Nature. 455(7213):605-6. file

Schneider P., Chan B.H.K, Reece S.E. and Read A. F. - Does the drug sensitivity of malaria parasites depend on their virulence? Malaria Journal 2008,7:257 file

Schwarze J. - Lung dendritic cells in respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2008;27:S89-91. file
Tauro S, Su YC, Thomas S, Schwarze J, Matthaei KI, Townsend D, Simson L, Tripp RA and Mahalingam S. - Molecular and cellular mechanisms in the viral exacerbation of asthma. Microbes Infect. 2008; 10: 1014-23. file

Tildesley, M.J., Deardon, R., Savill, N.J., Bessell, P.R., Brooks, S.P., Woolhouse, M.E.J., Grenfell, B.T. and Keeling, M.J. - Accuracy of models for the 2001 foot-and-mouth epidemic. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B 275: 1459-1468. file

Tourdot S, Mathie S, Hussell T, Edwards L, Wang H, Openshaw, P, Schwarze J, and Lloyd C. - Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection provokes airway remodelling in allergen-exposed mice in absence of prior allergen sensitization. Clin Exp Allergy 2008;38:1016-24. file

Vale, PF, Stjernman, M and Little, TJ - Temperature dependent costs of parasitism and the maintenance of polymorphism under genotype by environment interactions. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. doi:10.1111/j.1420-9101.2008.01555.x file

Wijayalath, W., Cheesman, S., Rajakaruna, J., Handunetti, S. M., Carter, R. and Pathirana, P. P. S. L. - Evidence for strain-specific protective immunity against blood-stage parasites of Plasmodium cynomolgi in toque monkey, Parasite Immunology, 2008, 30, 630-636 file

Woolhouse, M.E.J., Howey, R., Gaunt, E., Reilly, L., Chase-Topping, M. and Savill, N. -. Temporal trends in the discovery of human viruses. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B 275: 2111-2115. file
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