CIIE Management Group

IIIR/SBS Molecular and cellular biology of trypanosomes Website
Amy Buck IEB/SBS MicroRNA function in the host-pathogen context Website
Andrew Rambaut IEB/SBS Molecular evolution and molecular epidemiology of RNA viruses; Computational techniques in molecular phylogenetics and evolution Website
Mark Woolhouse IEB/CMVM Infection Epidemiology and emerging pathogens Website

Rose Zamoyska

IIIR/SBS Regulation of T cell differentiation, activation and homeostasis Website

 CIIE Members

IEB/SBS Genomics of non-vertebtrate animals, including parasites, pathogens  and vectors Website
David Cavanagh IIIR/SBS Malaria vaccines and diagnostics Website
Nick Colegrave IEB/SBS The interaction of ecological and evolutionary forces Website
Emma Cunningham IEB/SBS Evolutionary and behavioural ecology of reproductive strategies Website
David Gray IIIR/SBS Cellular Immunology Website
Andy Leigh Brown IEB/SBS Viral sequence evolution Website
Tom Little IEB/SBS Evolutionary biology of infectious organisms Website
Sara Macias Ribela IIIR/SBS Evolutionary biology, infection and immunology Website
Francisca Mutapi IIIR/SBS Immunoepidemiology of human schistosomiasis Website
Dan Nussey IEB/SBS Evolutionary ecology and genetics of ageing and phenotypic plasticity Website
Darren Obbard IEB/SBS The evolution of insect viruses and insect immune systems Website
Amy Pedersen IEB/SBS Role of parasites in wild host populations Website
Alexandre Potocnik IIIR/SBS Regulation of differentiation and compartmentalization of haemtopoietic stem cells and progenitors Website
IEB/SBS Evolution and ecology of parasites Website
Alex Rowe IIIR/SBS Malaria host-parasite interactions Website
Nick Savill IIIR/SBS Mathematical Biology Website
Achim Schnaufer IIIR/SBS Mitochondrial biology of trypanosomatid parasites Website
Paul Sharp IEB/SBS Viral sequence evolution Website
Phil Spence IIIR/SBS Plasmodium virulence and immunity to malaria Website
Matt Taylor IIIR/SBS
Immune responses to helminths, T cells
Joanne Thompson IIIR/SBS Molecular biology of malaria parasites Website
Pedro Vale IEB/SBS Individual variation in host health and its consequences for pathogen spread and evolution Website
José Vazquez-Boland IIIR/CMVM Microbiology Website
Dietmar Zaiss IEB/IIIR

Role of the EGF-R and its ligands in the functioning of the immune system


CIIE Affiliate Members

Tom McNeilly Moredun Research Institute    Mucosal immunology Website
Liam Morrison Roslin Institute Host-parasite interactions, with a focus on African trypanosomes Website

CIIE Translational Facilitators

Steve Anderton IIIR/CMVM       Autoimmunity Website
Manfred Auer SULSA Industrial therapeutic Website
Harry Campbell CPHS Population health and childhood disease Website
David Gally Roslin Institute Bacterial/zoonotic infections Website
Jacqueline Matthews Moredun Research Institute Veterinary immunobiology Website
Paul Michels CTCB Metabolism of trypanosomatid parasites and drug discovery Website

CIIE Support Staff

Al Ivens Bioinformatics Director
Margo Chase-Topping Biostatistician
Donald Smith Bioarchives
Kasia Kokowska Centre Manager

CIIE Fellows

Luke McNally Evolution of mechanisms for the regulation of individual and collective behaviour Research deatils
Sam Rund Biological rhythms functions and interactions in insect-transmitted diseases. Research details
Melissa Ward Epidemiology and genetics of bacteria and antibiotic resistance Research details

CIIE Alumni

Laura Pollitt
Roman Popat