Luke McNally in Café Scientifique

CIIE's Luke McNally will be speaking at Edinburgh's public engagement event at the Filmhouse, on the evenin g of 9th May. The talk entitled Are we more microbe or human? starts at 8.30 p.m.

Abstract: Our bodies are home to an amazing number of microbes, with likely as many bacterial as human cells present in the average person. We are continually discovering new ways in which these microbes affect our lives, from changing our chances of developing conditions like diabetes to being linked to psychological conditions such as depression. In this talk Luke will discuss the ways in which the bacteria within us interact with our bodies to affect our health and behaviour. Luke will also discuss how these communities of microbes within us are formed, exploring the weird and wonderful world of warfare and cooperation between the bacteria within us.

Cafe Scientifique is an open and informal forum for the public discussion of science and engineering. The cafe is committed to encouraging public engagement with science and engineering by hosting monthly Cafes in which expert speakers are discussing timely topics with an audience of non-specialists.

The session begins with our guest speaker giving a 30-45minute talk about the subject. The key here is that it is informal. That means no need for PowerPoint or any visual aides, just the speaker addressing the issue. There is then a short break to allow glasses to be refilled, followed by discussion about the topic, initially taking form of a Q&A session directed at the speaker.

Café Scientifique Edinburgh


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