CIIE Symposium on Wild Immunology

We are pleased to announce that the postponed CIIE Symposium will be held on Thursday 30th June 2011 in Lecture Theatre 3, Ashworth Laboratories, University of Edinburgh.
This will be an all-day event.
The aim of the symposium is to bring together researchers from diverse disciplines to address a central question in infectious disease biology and immunology:
Why should we try to understand infection and immunity in wild systems? Specifically, how does the immune response operate in the wild and how does multiple co-infection and commensalism impact the immune response and host health in natural systems?
We have a broad programme of speakers, ranging from laboratory immunologists to infectious disease ecologists, working on wild birds, wild and laboratory rodents, or wild sheep, and studying questions that range from the dynamics of co-infection, to how commensal organisms affect parasites and immune development. Our goal is to bring speakers of various expertise together to try and find meaningful ways to bring immunological tools to the study of wild populations.
9:30 Amy Pedersen & Simon Babayan: Introduction
9:45 Judi Allen (University of Edinburgh): An introduction to Wild Immunology
10:15 Jan Bradley (University of Nottingham): Dynamic field voles
10:45 Mark Viney (University of Bristol):  The immune function of wild mice
11:15 - 11:45 Coffee break
11:45 Jim Kaufman (Cambridge University) Pathogens, co-evolution and genomic organisation: what can wild birds teach us that the chicken does not?
12:15 Andrea Graham (Princeton University): Antibody, anybody? Immunoheterogeneity among the Soay sheep of St. Kilda
12:45 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 Steve Paterson (University of Liverpool): Cytokine polymorphism, immunity and pathogen resistance in wild populations
14:30 Ken Smith (Cambridge University): Wild mice and people: naturally occurring inhibitory variants, autoimmunity and malaria
15:00 Richard Grencis (University of Manchester): Originally wild from Edinburgh: Trichuris muris and what the laboratory can tell us about immunity to helminths
15:30 - 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 Markus Geuking (Bern University): Host-Microbial Homeostasis: lessons from germ-free mice
16:30 Peter Turnbaugh (Harvard University): Studying the gut microbiome at home and in the wild
17:00 Discussion, drinks and nibbles
Our sponsors are: MERCK- Millipore, Bioline and Perkin Elmer.
There's a registration fee of £10.
Lunch will be provided for all registered attendees.
If you registered but will not be able to attend the event, please let us know by e-mailing CIIE office on
Registration is now closed



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